OK people here's the deal: YOU ARE CRAZY! people are taking rhino horns because they think it'll cure cancer when they put in a special tea. Well, Taking the horn kills the rhino, and the horn is made out of the same substance as our HAIR AND FINGERNAILS!
There is one kind of white rhino that will be extinct in around 5 years. There are only 7 left of its kind thanks to terrible people. 2 are at the San Diego wild animal park. Since the are around 50 and rhinos live around that time, there on the virge of dying. But the thing is we can't mate them. There must be 3-4 woman and one man to produce rhinos. Tell others to stop with the rhino horns (



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    Hi, I'm your Author, Brianna. I might be just a kid, but I want people to know how important animals are to me, about them, and that they need to live.