I mean, who doesn't? for my first post, I want to say what my favorite animal used to be. I love rhinos and lions. But I cant see them everyday, so I like to visit The San Diego Wild Animal park. If you live in southern California, Its a great way to learn about animals. I love zoos, but I know that the animals don't. At the wild animal park, there are acres of land they can roam on freely. you can take a safari and feed some animals and go inside the exhibit. There are fun things to do, like feeding the Lorakeets, going into the lemur exhibit (And getting lemurs to lick your salty legs) and of course,  If you are a girl scout, boy scout, or even going with your family, A camp out called Roar and Snore. You get to spend the night and take a walk with a tour guide in the morning and at night. But, the sleeping situation isn't ALWAYS the best. When I went with my troop, there were all sorts of spiders, including black widows, in the tent. You have to sleep in the ground, and I got ringworm, a skin fungi infection (Not a real worm). Last, you go to sleep at 11 and wake up at 6, and there's some annoying lion roaring every twenty minutes, and your in pitch black. Oh, and in the summer through the entire park, there are thousands of BEES. My advice: DON'T GET AN ICEE!



11/07/2013 4:26pm

i went there! there are a lot of bees


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